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Watermark Image
Text Size
Text Color
Text Position
Text Angle
3D Text
Text Transparency
Add Text Shadow
Draw Text Edge
Cover Text on Image
Image Position
Image Angle
Image Transparency
Multi Text Layers ( ? )
Multi Image Layers ( ? )
Gradient Text ( ? )
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$19.50 USD

$28.50 USD


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System Requirements:
Minimum: Memory Size 512+
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Star Video Watermark Released and Download Now (June 28, 2014):

Star Watermark for Mac Released and Download Now (March 25, 2011):

History Version Overview and Download

January 4, 2012 Star Watermark for Windows Version 1.0
On the beginning of a new year, Star Watermark for Windows is Released!

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