Quick Start Tutorial

How to Start with Star (pdf) Watermark for Mac

Following the 3 steps:

  1. Add New or Edit Existing Watermark Template

    Launch program and in the lower left corner, add your own template(A) and customize it's style(B). You can also double click on one template to open it quickly.
    After "Edit Watermark Template" dialog has opened, customize your text/image watermark style, such as watermark content, font size, angle, transparency etc.

  2. Add Your Chosen Watermark Image Files

    Click "Add Files" button on the toolbar to load image files from "Finder".

  3. Apply Watermark to Your Photos

    Click "Process" button on the toolbar to apply watermark to added image files. Before this, you could preview the resulting watermarked image by clicking "Output Preview".

Additional Features:

(1) Use Auto Scale Watermark option to resize your text or image watermark automatically.

(2) If you are using Ultimate version, you will could add multiple watermarks one time, these watermarks ared placed in multiple layers, each layer include one text watermark and image watermark. If you want to edit one wateramrk, please switch to the layer including the watermark first.