Add Multiple Layers Watermark

How to Add Multiple Watermarks with Star Watermark for Mac Ultimate

The ultimate edition could add multiple layers with text watermarks and image watermarks at one time. Let's see how.

  1. Create yourself watermark template

    Click here to download Star Watermark software, then launch Star watermark and create a new template. After created, double click on your template to open it for editting.

    launch and create new watermark template
  2. Edit your watermark template

    In "Text" and "Image" tab, you will see "Layers" drop-down selection, one layer include one text and one image watermark, such as you added 2 layers watermark, you can add 2 lines text wateramrk and 2 images as watermark.

    Notice: If you need to edit the text or image watermark, please switch to the layer includeing this text or image watermark.

    switch watermark layers

    Demonstration: the watermark template as above include 2 layers - "Demo 1_Layer 1" and "Demo 1_Layer 2", layer 1 include text watermark "Star Wateramrk" and image watermark "a cup", layer 2 include text watermark "". If you want to edit image watermark "a cup", you need switch to layer 1 first, and then switch tab to "Image" to set it's properties.

  3. Select your new template to apply your watermark

    When your watermark template is editted completed, close "Edit Watermark template" dialog.

    In left side of main dialog, click your watermark template to make it selected.

    select your watermark template
  4. Preview or Process

    When your watermark template is ready, click "Add Files" button to add image files you want to add watermark on, or drag and drop them to main dialog, it will be added automatically.

    Click "Output Preivew" button to preview the result;

    Click "Process" button to apply your watermark in watermark template to your images.

    output preivew watermark effect
  5. View watermarked image files

    The default output directory is same as orginal image file directory, and the default file name is renamed with suffix "_new", such your original file is "a.jpg", the watermarked file is "a_new.jpg". Find them to view.